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Kyani is the Bushman name for a Honeybadger. Why this name? Our luxury 14-seater Kyani 4×4 Iveco tour buses are just as tough!

These vehicles are 4 x 4, have exceptional ground clearance and are fitted with large off-road tyres. This enables them to handle anything that Namibia’s harsh conditions throw at them.

Our daily rates include the following:


Included in the daily rate with the distance limited to 250km per day on aggregate for the whole tour (i.e., for a 12-day tour, 3 000 kms are included).


Whether a guided tour or DIY trip, our professional drivers are always included in the package. Together they have 18 years’ combined experience with our Iveco vehicles.

24/7/365 Emergency Evacuation

Should there be a medical emergency, we’ll fly you out with helicopter to the closest private hospital.

Passenger Liability Insurance

We are covered to the value of N$ 30 million per vehicle.


What Our Clients  Say

This driver chap is just great. Every morning the bus is a nickel. The floor washed.
He is a humble man who has a good report with the clients as well. He is conscious and concerned about their welfare and not in a self-elevator way. Genuine.


Thomas was an absolute pleasure to work with. He mingles with the guests and gets involved. Would love to work with him again!


Professional Guide

I have received a excellent report from the tour leader and group. No complaints! All very positive.
God is so gracious and kind.
Thank you!

Abenteuer Afrika Safari

Kyani Tours & Safaris

On A Journey In Luxury Like No Other

The Honeybadger and the Honeyguide live in a symbiotic relationship. The Honeybird locates  the bees’ nest but is too weak to break the comb apart. He then tracks down the tough-skinned Honeybadger to do the hard work for him. The spontaneous trust and cooperation between these two creatures dates back ages, so the badger follows the bird. The Honeybadger breaks open the comb, feasts on the honey, but leaves enough for the Honeyguide.

In appreciation of the characteristics of these two fascinating creatures, the idea behind the brand of Kyani Tours and Safaris was born.

With years of experience in the transport industry, we really do have the expertise to offer you top-of-the-range vehicles for unforgettable safari experiences. Our Iveco 4 x 4 safari vehicles offer luxury and comfort with unmatched off-road capabilities no matter how harsh, rugged or remote the terrain.


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